Are you for or against the legalization of the Divorce Bill??

Friday, 17 June 2011


One of the personalities in showbiz Director Joey Reyes apparently supports the Divorce Bill. His strong statement regarding this case is:

"Hindi ako naniniwala na kapag ni-legalize mo ang divorce na ang Pilipino magiging pariwara, burara at hindi bibigyang pahalaga ang pagpapakasal. I think ang bata na sobrang pinoprotektahan ay lalaking inutil. At ang kaisipan ng Pilipino ay malapit na sa pagiging inutil dahil sa dami ng hipokrisiya at [mga taong] nagmamaganda o nagmamalinis sa ating lipunan," he said.

He compared the Philippines to a little boy who is fully protected and he described it as “inutil” or stupid. He indirectly states that the Philippines, if it is too protected, may result to being stupid or simply being na├»ve about things. This will result to the Philippines' closed-mindedness and not being open to the realities of life. In one interview, he also said that:

He is pro divorce, "mainly because I believe that Filipinos should be given a chance to mature."

He believes that maturity is the key to Filipino's effectiveness and development as a country. He is pro-divorce and pro-choice as well. He strongly believes that it is most important for couples to separate rather than to keep pushing that their marriage is working even if it is not anymore. He also stated that:

"Kahit na nakalantad na ang katotohanan na kapag ang dalawang tao nagkamali sa kanilang pagsasama, hindi yun kasalanan. Tao sila kaya sila nagkakamali at kailangang mabigyan ng pagkakataon na maging maligaya muli,"

He believes that it is not at all sinful if the Filipinos make a mistake of marrying someone who is solely not who they are meant to be with. If sinning like lying or adultery is forgivable, why not divorce? Why can't divorce be as random as lying or stealing?

"Hindi ako naniniwala na porket tayo lang ang bansa na walang divorce dapat tayo makisunod sa uso. Hindi naman yun ang punto e. Ang punto e magtiwala naman kayo na may utak ang Pilipino. Magtiwala naman kayo na ang Pilipino mature enough to make decisions for themselves. At magtiwala tayo na ang lahat ng tao nagkakamali, pati mga tao sa simbahan."

He clearly states that the Church should trust the Filipinos and believe that they will not result to this Bill abruptly, Filipinos have the ability to think much like any other race in this world. The Filipino people should be given a choice and not hinder the, from being free as human beings to choose from what they believe should be done or not. If a person is already against divorce now, why can't he or she be against divorce even if it is legalized? Why can't they stick to what they believe in? The legalization of the divorce bill is for those people who long for freedom from their married life, not simply because there's a way, but because they chose to. The Filipinos should be given the light and the faith that there is hope and that there will be a way out to their marriage. Not an easy way out but an optional way out.

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